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Is coconut business profitable?

Before starting any business, it is important to do a background check on the profitability of that business.

Anyone interested in starting a coconut business will like to know if the coconut business is profitable or not.

I had the privilege of discussing the coconut value chain with one of Nigeria’s Agribusiness Experts. Ebun Feludu is a serial entrepreneur and she is in the trenches of the Food processing sector. Her business JAM – The Coconut Company specifically focuses on the coconut value chain.

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Coconut is a member of the palm tree family and one of the most important fruits in the world. The uses of coconut are numerous and vast. There is no doubt coconut is a money-making crop that you can get into if you are looking for a profitable business to venture in.

The coconut tree is a wonder tree that produces a lot of products. Below are a few of the products that come from coconut tree.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Milk
  • Coconut Cream
  • Coconut flakes
  • Coconut water
  • Coconut Flour
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Coconut Butter

Where is coconut grown

One of the most attractive and practical trees in the tropics is the coconut tree. It is grown in more than 90 countries, with Asia and the Pacific producing the majority of the world’s supply.

In terms of the overall area planted of coconuts worldwide, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea make up around 80% of the total.

Where is coconut grown in Nigeria?

In the federation of states that make up Nigeria, around 22 of them produce coconut. However, Lagos, which accounts for around 70% of the nation’s output, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Edo, Ekiti, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Rivers, and Taraba States are the biggest producers.

Is JAM – The Coconut Company Nigeria’s the best coconut processing company?

One of the best coconut processing companies in Nigeria is the JAM the Coconut Company. The company factory is based in Okun Ajah and Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.

JAM The Coconut Food Company is an integrated coconut processing business that provides products for the Nigerian and African markets for food, cosmetics, and medications.

Over one million coconuts have been processed into a variety of premium coconut oils, coconut snacks, and coconut beauty topical since the company started operations in 2016.

Some of the products the company offer includes virgin coconut oil, coconut cinnamon balls, coconut flakes, coconut oil with lemon, castor coconut hair oil, and activated coconut charcoal.

Their products can be found in various retail store in Nigeria including Shoprite, Hartleys, Grandex, Foodco, Ebeano, Blenco, Healthplus and Medplus to name a few.

The CEO of the company Ebun Feludu, received training in every aspect of the coconut value chain in Kerala, India. She used all the knowledge she acquired to establish a coconut processing company that has been going from strength to strength.

11 strategies on how to shop more on a budget

It’s easy to learn how to shop more on a budget. If you can save money by buying goods on a budget, then by all means do so. In most countries, food is very expensive at the moment, and you should learn how to save money and do your grocery shopping on a tight budget.

This is particularly important when you have a large family to feed and need to stretch your resources. Shopping on a tight budget is easier if you compare prices and look for sales.

Recently, the inflation rate in the UK has been going up which has been affecting the quality of life. is at a 40-year high.

UK’s current inflation rate means people need to find ways to improve their cost of living.

It is also important to understand how inflation is affecting your cost of living.

Shopping on a budget means that you determine how much you are willing to spend in advance and then stick to it.

If you go over budget in one area, the extra cash must come from another part of your budget. So it’s important to carefully consider any changes before implementing them.

Before spending any money, make good decisions and think long and hard to find out whether you are within your means.

How to shop more on a budget

  1. Practice Online Shopping:

Online shopping has become easy and convenient for customers thanks to e-commerce.

For clothing and accessories, you need only know your size and order from the comfort of your home.

For Food items, you just need to have a list of what you are looking for.

When you shop online, you can compare prices and find the best value for your money. This is even with the added benefit of not having to pay sales tax. You can save more money.

A lot of companies offer free shipping, depending on where you live and the terms and conditions. You should do some research and inquire about this.

  1. Plan your shopping:

Before you decide how much you have to spend on shopping, work out your monthly budget. Then plan for living expenses such as utilities and housing.

If you need to pay for the essentials in an order of importance, write them down and use your income to do so.

Keep to the budget you’ve set yourself and avoid impulse purchases.

  1. Make use of Coupons:

You should use coupons when you are shopping; there are grocery stores that offer discounts to those with a membership card.

Before you sign up for a membership card, research all the grocery stores in your area. You can then choose one or more that appeal to you.

This is if the membership card is affordable and won’t affect your budget. This way, you can find the best prices and fit into your tight budget. If you are shopping for clothes, always ask if there are sales.

  1. Think of Food:

Be sure to write down your shopping list before you go to the store and then stick to it.

Shop in discount stores and other places where you can get great deals on high-quality foods. An example is your local farmer’s market.

Avoid buying candy and junk food as they tend to be expensive and have little nutritional value. So, whenever possible, buy food in bulk and prepare large meals so that you can freeze a portion for later use.

When you have a shopping plan, you can eat well for less.

  1. Shop during Sales:

Most stores run regular sales, and you can usually find bargain clothes in a sales section.

You can ask a salesperson about items on sale and look them over. Also, you should think about shopping out of season.

During some sales, you can buy basic products for as little as 75% off.

Taking advantage of sales is a guaranteed way to shop more on a budget.

  1. Practice Circulars shopping:

Before you plan your meals, open circulars from your local grocery stores. Most offer email subscriptions so you can get newsletters.

You can then compare what is on sale and which retailer has a better price on common items.

If you know that the store often sells oranges at a discounted price of two for four during the summer months, you don’t need to pay 4.99 GBP for a carton of strawberries.

  1. Buy from Thrift Store:

If you are shopping on a tight budget and live in an expensive location like London, thrift stores might be the best option for you. This way you can find vintage goods for less than the price of shopping at more expensive stores and brands.

You can find a range of products, sometimes, including the newest fashions.

  1. Eat Twice and Cook Once:

If you find a really good deal on the lasagna ingredients, buy enough for two and keep the other in the freezer.

No need to stretch your budget when cooking a quick dinner. Simply pull out the leftover recipe and toss it in the oven the next time you have to plan a meal.

This option is easier and cheaper than if you had purchased all the ingredients for the second lasagna at their regular prices.

This can help you shop more on a budget.

  1. Buy items in bulk:

Non-perishable items such as tissue, toothpaste, rice, sugar, and tin items should be bought in bulk. This may seem expensive at first but will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Buy things that you are certain to use, or it is a waste of money.

Also, sometimes, buying items in bulk can help save money unlike buying items individually. Depending on where you are shopping, people are always discounted for buying certain items in bulk.

For example, instead of buying that soda in pieces, why not save money on it by buying a pack?

Buying items in bulk is an effective way to shop more on a budget.

  1. Plan for leftovers:

Do not throw away your leftovers.

Throw away leftovers, and you’re throwing away the money you spent on the ingredients.

When you are preparing your meal plan, include leftovers in it.

For example, you can prepare them for lunch the next day, or use them as a sauce for another meal.

You can also adjust the recipe for the amount of food you and your family will consume. If you like a certain rice sauce, you can cook more than you need to. Then store the leftover in the refrigerator.

  1. Shop at the market:

Shopping at the local market often proves to be more affordable than buying items in the supermarket.

This is especially true in countries where items are imported and sold at the supermarket. You will pay a premium for items that are not made locally.

Buy your vegetables and ground provisions at the local market. If you know a local farmer, you can buy them from him.

Planting your vegetables is another great option; why not get a backyard garden and eat what you grow? It can be a fun experiment.


Some might find these tips to be excessively frugal. But when you cut costs in lots of small ways, you can make significant savings without making any huge sacrifices.

It does not take a great deal of time or energy to get into the habit of thoughtfully considering your purchases. You may not always make the choice that will save you the most money and choose convenience, but at least you have made a conscious, well-informed decision.



Even with the increase in the cost of food, eating healthy meals does not mean you have to break the bank and spend above your budget. There are so many healthy, nutritious and delicious meals that are very affordable and easy to prepare. In the Uk and worldwide, many are yet to master how to eat well for less.

Eating healthy and cheap does not have to be boring and bland. In fact, this is the time to get creative and innovative. Come up with delicious, new and healthy recipes to make the best out of what you have. You can eat well on a budget if you want to.

According to the BRC, food price inflation in the UK rose to 4.3% in April 2022. This is the highest recorded since April of 2012.

The BRC said a jump in the price of food, which offset discounting and promotions in clothing and homeware, accounted for the rise from 2.7% in April. Food inflation leapt to 4.3% in May from 3.5% in April, reaching the highest since April 2012

Here are some tips on how to eat healthy on a budget in the UK. These tips are tested and trusted to help you save more from your food budget and eat better.



Buying fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers or markets is cheaper than buying from the supermarket. Most times, go for fresh fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. These are mostly cheaper, fresher, healthier and even taste better.

Plan your meals around these vegetables and fruits. Learn to incorporate them into your recipes and even use them as substitutes for other vegetables that are not in season or are more expensive.

Aside from fruits and vegetables, you can also get milk, meat and other locally produced farm produce at a cheaper rate from your local market.


Having a meal plan will help you to streamline your budget and your grocery list when going to the store. It will reduce wastage, by making sure you only get what you need and avoid getting what you already have.

Before planning your meals, take a quick scan of your pantry and freezer, taking a note of what you have and how best to incorporate them into your meal plan. This way, you reduce wastage and get the most out of your purchase.


Staple foods like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread give you a good value for your money. For one, you can buy them on sale in bulk and store them, as they can go for a while without going bad. Also, you have them ready to use, and all you have to do is get creative and come up with exciting and delicious recipes.

For example, baked potatoes are a cheap and healthy meal. You can throw in different toppings of your choice or even eat them with that leftover pasta sauce from yesterday.

Having staple foods in your pantry gives you an array of healthy meal options and an efficient way to eat well on a budget.


Even though many don’t realize they are doing it, food wastage is a part of us. It is one of the leading causes of the high food budget. Learning to reduce food wastage and make the most out of food will allow us to save more.

Fruit, drinks, dairy products, vegetables, meat and bread are some of the food often wasted. Using up these leftovers will help save money and you will even get a delicious meal or snack out of them.

For example, instead of trashing your bread. You can oven-dry them and blend them into breadcrumbs to be used in your next recipe. Leftover vegetables can also be used to make a healthy and delicious soup. Overripe fruits can be blended with that almost expired milk to make a healthy breakfast smoothie for the whole family.


Take advantage of sales on food products that have a long shelf life. Food products like rice, pasta, noodles, cereals, tinned tomatoes and so on can be stored in the pantry for a long time. If you can afford to buy them in bulk at a reduced price, you should.

This will save you money. Also, you get to have these staples in your pantry to be used at your convenience. You can effectively plan your meals around them.


Sometimes, substitute meat in your recipes with vegetables. In addition to being cost-effective, this will lend a new flavour profile to your dishes and even make them healthier. You can try out mushrooms and tofu as a substitute for meat in some of your recipes,

You can even use beans and lentils instead of meat. These are low in fat, high in fibre and even cheaper!


Buying a cheaper cut of meat is another way to combat the high cost of meat and eat well for less. Even though fresh meat and fish can be quite expensive, some cuts are less expensive and quite affordable. Whole chicken, ground meat, and chuck steak cost way less.


Canned foods like fish, vegetables and fruits have a long shelf life and can be stored for a long period. You can take advantage of sales and special offers to buy them in bulk and store them.

Canned fish are sometimes cheaper than fresh fish and can be used on the go. Canned food products can be used with your staple foods like rice, pasta and potatoes to make healthy and delicious meals.

This will reduce money spent on food as you don’t have to go out to source fresh ingredients for new recipes. Watch out for added sugar or salt in your canned foods, and go for healthier and more natural brands instead.


In addition to being expensive, processed foods lack good nutrients. They are high in sugar, sodium and preservatives. Instead of buying processed foods, spend less and eat well by buying nutritious whole and fresh foods.


Eating out is more expensive than preparing your home meal. In fact, it is less healthy. Eat more home-cooked meals as it gives you control over what you eat and you get to cook nutrient-dense meals good for you.

Pack lunch for work, also for kids to take to school. Of course, this requires some planning to pull off but it pays off in the long term.

You don’t have to spend the bulk of your income to eat well. These tips have shown you how to eat well on a small budget. Explore these to eat nutritious and delicious meals that are affordable and cost-effective.


Best African Shop in Gloucester for Afro-Caribbean Food, Hair Salon and Money Transfer Service

If you are looking for the Best African Shop in Gloucester that sells all African foodstuffs and other services, this article will provide you with the information you need.

I have been living in Gloucestershire for over 3 years with my family.

When we first moved it took us a while to get settled and find a local African shop in Gloucester. When we lived in Malvern, we used to go all the way to Birmingham to buy our African foodstuffs.

The journey can be discouraging at times though so we searched for a closer alternative.

When we found out about the Gracious Store & Afro Hair Salon in Gloucester, we stopped going to the Birmingham wholesale market.

Gracious Store serves African, Caribbean, eastern Europeans, and anyone who walks in and needs their service.

What services do Gracious Store & Afro Hair Salon offer?


I am a first-generation immigrant in the UK. I was born and raised in Nigeria and was already an adult when I came to the UK for my Master’s degree.

I am saying this to let you know how much I have been used to Nigerian food before coming to the UK.

I have integrated into the British culture and love a lot of food here. But as an African who grew up in Nigeria, I still crave Nigerian food so an African shop is essential for me and my family.

The most important items we go to Gracious store for are food items like garri, palm oil, yam etc.

Money Transfer

Something that cannot be ignored is the money transfer service they offer. Both MoneyGram and Western Union money transfer service is available.

According to a recent publication, there are more than 15 million Nigerians in the diaspora in recent years that send up to $25 billion home annually.

The figure will be a lot more if other African countries are put into consideration. The Gracious store has a superb money transfer service not only to Africa but to almost anywhere in the world.

Hair Salon

The gracious store also has a saloon where ladies can make their hair.

They also have a lot of hair and beauty products. They have a lot of hair extensions for African women or anyone who needs them. I do buy my hair cream for my kids and me at the Gracious store.

Home Delivery

If you are buying a minimum of £100 worth of items and live within Gloucester and Cheltenham, they offer a home delivery service.

From the comfort of your home, you can call them and place an order and they will deliver to your doorstep.

Payment Point

They also offer other services like bill payment. You can walk in to pay for council tax, utility bills, and other payment types. 

Final Thought

Whether you are African or not, Gracious Store has top-level customer service. They are always available to service customers from any ethnic group who are interested in any of the above-listed services.

Address: Gracious Store & Afro Hair Salon, 100 Eastgate St, Gloucester GL1 1QN

Opening Times: 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday

Phone Number: Phone: 07956 488181


Aldi Super 6 this week

In my household, we have been passionately looking forward to the Aldi super 6 this week.

Not only this week but every week we eagerly wait for what Aldi is offering in their grocery shoppers favourite Aldi super 6.

We’ve been a huge fan of Aldi since we found them about 7 years ago. Feel free to check out Aldi Super 6 Offer this week through the link below.

You can also stay with me and read about my view on Aldi weekly super 6 offer.


Why I love Aldi Super 6 Offer

Before we found Aldi, we used to only shop at the other bigger supermarkets in the UK. If you are reading this and you are from the UK, you know the other bigger supermarkets I am referring to.

One of the major reasons why we love Aldi is their Aldi Super 6 weekly offer.

Health Eating

Aldi Super 6 which is mainly fruit and veg has really helped us to increase our fruit and veg intake. It has a huge influence in my household healthy eating.

We have been able to use it to encourage our boys to eat more fruit and veg because its cheaper to buy.

Saving money

Thanks to Aldi for this offer which has saved us a lot of money. Aldi normal price is cheaper than the other bigger supermarkets. Their super 6 makes their fruit and veg even more cheaper.

I just love Aldi for saving us money in our grocery budget. Aldi super 6 is almost half of the price of what other large supermarkets sell their fruit and veg. This makes it worth it to shop at Aldi.

Why I love shopping at Aldi

It is a delusion that the big supermarkets are better because you will be able to find absolutely everything you want from them.

When we found Aldi, we realise that they actually have everything we need for our weekly grocery shopping.

We soon found out that what makes the bigger supermarkets big is the fact that they have too many brands or types of one item.

For example, you want washing up liquid. At bigger supermarkets, they might have five types of washing up liquid. While Aldi might have just two types.

Personally, I prefer Aldi because it’s easier for me to choose between two rather than other large supermarkets where you can easily get confused and require big brainpower to make decisions.

At small supermarket like Aldi, you can do your shopping very quickly in some cases when you need to do small shopping. At bigger supermarkets, you have to walk long distance inside the shop if you are looking for few items for quick shopping.

Aldi do regularly have offer of various homes and kitchen items which usually comes at very cheap prices. You could get fitness clothing or accessories at very cheap prices a lot of times.

Sometimes it could be a seasonal product that you get at the right time and for good price.


Most Popular Nigerian Food

Nigerian foods are some of the best foods in Africa and the world. Most popular Nigerian foods are identified in the post.

Nigeria, also known as the Giant of Africa is better known for its economic prowess, music, and footballing ability. But what many people don’t know is a love all Nigerians share; food.

We Nigerians love a good meal and experience better satisfaction if it is one of our local meals. Yes, we hold our local food in high esteem.

In fact, in Nigeria, if you see five restaurants on your way out I can bet three of them are buka or food canteens buzzing with people ordering eba, amala, iyan, shaki, fuku and all sorts of local delicacies.

We love our food and we are proud of it. You can even enjoy this video of Anglo-Nigerian heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua preparing eba for himself at home.

This is why it pains me that so many of my brothers and sisters in the diaspora don’t get the chance to experience the goodness our people experience back home.

I am unsure where to lay the blame on, scarce resources or inadequate know-how.

I’m hoping I can help change that somewhat with this article. That is why I am dividing this article into four sections:

  1. Some of the most popular Nigerian foods and soup
  2. Some of the most popular drinks/beverages in Nigeria
  3. Some of the most popular Nigerian sauce/spices
  4. Where you can get Nigerian foods online and offline in the UK

18 Most Popular Nigerian foods

  • Swallow

‘Swallow’ foods in Nigeria are generally starchy foods that can be taken with soups.

The term ‘swallow’ is also used because most of these starchy foods are swallowed as a small bolus and not chewed.

You simply take a small bolus, scoop some soup with it and swallow.

Nigerians prefer to eat swallow with our bare fingers, we believe it makes the food sweeter.

Some of the most popular swallows in Nigeria are amala, eba, pounded yam, semo, tuwo shinkafa, fufu and more.

They are usually accompanied with soups like efo riro, egusi, gbegiri, oha soup, okra soup and the likes.

Garri which is cassava flour is the main ingredients for making eba. Garri is available on Amazon.

  • Jollof Rice

I’m sure you’ve seen an argument or two about Nigerian Jollof and Ghanaian Jollof online.

This is because we Nigerians love our Jollof rice. In fact, we believe a party is not finished if you haven’t been served a plate of Jollof rice.

Jollof rice like many Nigerian foods can be eaten with any type of fish or meat and complimented with plantain, Moi Moi and coleslaw.

Good rice for making Nigeria Jollof Rice is available on Amazon.

  • Beans and Plantain

Plantain has to be one of the most popular food accompaniments in Nigeria. Such is its popularity.

The magic a well-fried plantain can do in any food is similar to a well-seasoned soup.

The magic it creates when paired with palm oil beans will even rival the almighty Jollof rice. I will explain to you why I said palm oil beans in a bit. Keep reading.

  • Akara

Akara is fried bean cakes. It has grown in popularity over the past decade in Nigeria.

It has always been popular but it has gone mainstream now.

It is now very common to see it get served at various events. Akara is mostly taken as breakfast and you can either get it from a roadside vendor or just prepare one yourself.

  • Nkwobi

Nkwobi is originally an Ibo delicacy but its popularity has spread all over the West.

This popular delicacy is made from spiced cow leg soaked in a richly flavoured sauce of Utazi leaves and palm oil.

Nkwobi works well as an appetizer and you can get it in most Ibo kitchens.

Another Ibo dish that rivals Nkwobi is Isiewu (goat’s head).

  • Ewa Aganyin

Remember when I mentioned ‘palm oil beans’?

Well, that is because there is another popular beans delicacy and it’s called ‘Ewa Aganyin’.

If you are a beans lover, chances are that you are crazy about Ewa Aganyin.

It is prepared with cooked beans and pepper sauce. But unlike the other beans dish, you do not use palm oil in preparing the beans and the sauce is prepared separately. You can serve it with bread, plantain, ponmo and more. I

It is almost a guaranty that the soft feel and tasty sauce will have you yearning for more.

  • Abacha

Oh, I love Abacha. The bland taste leaves much to dislike but such is the magic that you will ask for more.

The leave is somewhat bitter but the sauce makes up for that with. Abacha is also known as African Salad.

You can take Abacha as a stand-alone meal or as a snack.

  • Garri and Groundnut

There is a popular saying in the West that ‘Garri does not need advertisement’.

Such is the popularity of this simple yet heavenly drink.

Garri served with groundnut and chilled water during a hot afternoon can be very satisfying.

People especially enjoy taking ‘Ijebu garri’. It’s a type of Garri but with finer grains. You can take garri with groundnut, smoked fish, suya, kilishi or any appetizer.

  • Boli and Peanut

There isn’t much to say about Boli and groundnut as the advertisement is in the taste.

Boli is made from roasted plantain. It is often sold with groundnut as it sweetens the taste remarkably.

Boli is only taken as a snack and you can get it from various roadside sellers.

  • Suya

Originally a Hausa food that originated from the North, Suya is very popular throughout Nigeria.

Suya is prepared by barbecuing meat doused with unique spices.

Some of these spices include dried onions, peanuts, ginger, and more. People prefer to eat Suya in the evening.

  • Moi Moi

Moi Moi is a very versatile food accompaniment in Nigeria and originated from the South West.

It is made from steamed beans pudding. You can garnish Moi Moi with crayfish, corned beef, egg, smoked fish, and sardine to spice up the taste.

It is very popular to see families eating Moi Moi with pap (ogi or akamu) during the weekends when everyone is home.

Another way to dish Moi Moi is to serve it with other Nigerian dishes like rice or as a stand-alone snack.

  • Pepper Soup

Pepper is the life of any evening hangout in Nigeria. Its popularity is as a result of its extremely spicy soup and the variety of meat, chicken and fish it can be paired with. It is very rich in pepper, ginger, garlic, spices and onions.

  • Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is very popular in Nigeria. Its unique taste given to it by melon seeds makes it people’s favourite to be served alongside Pounded yam, Garri, fufu and amala. Some of the ingredients used in preparing Egusi soup are meat, seafood, melon seeds, vegetables, onions, and fermented beans.

  • Efo Riro

Efo Riro to me is the perfect stew for eating amala. It first originated from the Yorubas but is now widely eaten around the country. Efo Riro is a mixture of green vegetables, meat and fish.

  • Afang Soup

Afang soup originated from the South-southern part of Nigeria but the delicacy is now enjoyed nationwide. The soup is prepared with water leaves and Afang leaves and spiced up with meat, dried fish, snails and seasonings. The delicacy can be accompanied by any type of swallow.

  • Ogbono Soup

Ogbono soup is one of the tastiest soups to originate from the western part of Nigeria. It is a mixture of ground Ogbono seeds, palm oil, meat, seasons like chilli pepper, vegetables and sometimes tomatoes and okra. Like most soups in Nigeria, it can be eaten with any type of swallow and even rice.

  • Indomie

Indomie is one of the most popular food in every Nigerian household.

The popularity comes not only from its delightful taste but its easiness to cook.

In just a few minutes, you can have Indomie noodles ready to it. This brand of Instant Noodles is loved across all age groups.

  • Spaghetti

Spaghetti is another food like Indomie that is quite easy to cook.

The starchy white pasta is made from milled wheat and flour.

You can cook your Spaghetti in any form but most Nigerians love it boiled or cooked as Jollof.

You can serve Spaghetti with stew, stew sauce, meat, fish, and even tomato.


7 Most Popular Drinks in Nigeria

1. Hibiscus Tea (Zobo)

Zobo is one of the most popular drinks in Nigeria and it’s very healthy.

It is made from dried red calyces and sepals of Roselle leaves; a type of hibiscus flower. Zobo can be taken either sweetened or unsweetened.

One of the things I love about Zobo is the fact that it is highly customizable.

You can mix it up with ginger, pineapple, apple, garlic, or any fruit of your choice. Zobo like most drinks is best served chilled.

2. Kunu

Kunu is a very healthy Nigerian drink of Northern origin.

The sweet and spicy nutty flavour is probably unrivalled by any other drink in Nigeria.

Kunu is prepared from Tiger nuts. Just like Zobo, you can also spice up Kunu with fruits like date, garlic, or ginger.

It also has some health benefits like

  • curing indigestion
  • lowering the risks associated with diabetes
  • soothing of cold and coughs
  • great for pregnant and nursing women

3. Palm Wine

If there’s one way to describe Palm wine, it is ‘the father of all local drinks’.

Palm wine is made from various the saps of palm tree species like coconut palms, Palmyra, and date palms.

This cloudy, whitish beverage can be served as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. To serve alcoholically, you must preserve and let it ferment for a couple of hours or more.

The freshly tapped palm wine is the non-alcoholic drink and can be served as juice and it has so many health benefits like

  • helping to improve eyesight
  • acting as an antioxidant against cancer-causing agents
  • preventing various cardiovascular diseases
  • increasing milk production in lactating moms
  • maintaining a healthy skin

4. Fura De Nunu

Fura De Nunu is a popular gruel in the northern part of Nigeria but has also found roots in the western part of the country.

Fura De Nunu is made from milk and millet gruel which is where it got its name from. Fura De Nunu means milk and millet gruel in English.

This local yoghurt with thick lumps is gotten from the fermentation of cow milk which has been separated from its lipid component better known as Man Shanu or Cow oil.

The fura balls are produced from millet flour spiced with cloves, ginger and even pepper.

Fura De Nunu like most popular Nigerian drinks also has its health benefits. Some of them are that it helps:

  • with mitigating migraines and heart attacks
  • with fat metabolism and repair of body tissue
  • in lowering of cholesterol in the body
  • to prevent gallstones
  • prevent constipation
  • protect against breast cancer and type 2 diabetes

5. Malt Drink

Malt is a common beverage in Nigeria and it’s known for its sweet flavour and refreshing taste.

What differentiates Malt drinks from other soft drinks like Pepsi, Fanta, Coke and others is the Malt ingredient itself.

What most people don’t know is that Malt itself is the key ingredient.

Malt is an ingredient in brewing beer but when it doesn’t undergo the complete process, it’s a non-alcoholic drink.

Popular brands of Malt include Hi-Malt, Malta Guinness, beta malt, Maltina and others.

6. Chocolate Drink

A lot of Nigerians were not raised on beverages like coffee, yellow tea and the likes.

One of the most popular drinks in Nigerian homes is the chocolate drinks made from cocoa.

There are various types of chocolate drinks, some examples are dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate.

On a hot day, this drink is best served chilled and best served hot on a sunny day.

The most popular brands of chocolate drinks include Milo, Bournvita, Cowbell chocolate.

7. Milk Drink

Very rarely will you see a Nigerian take chocolate drink without adding milk.

But milk can be served alone itself. Some of the most popular ways to pair milk are with coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, garri, golden morn, and cornflakes.

Low-fat milk, whole milk, and fat-free milk are some of the most popular kinds of milk we have. The most popular Nigerian brands are Peak milk, Dano Milk, and Cowbell milk.


10 Most Popular Food Spices In A Nigerian’s Home

  • Salt

Salt needs no introduction has it gives taste to our meals.

  • Curry Powder

Curry Powder adds that nice aroma and flavour to our stew. It is also what gives Nigerian Fried Rice its green/lime colour.

  • Thyme

Thyme is used in seasoning stews and gives it a natural seasoned flavour.

  • Stock Cubes

Examples of stock cubes are Maggi cubes, Knorr cubes and Royco cubes. They are used to add flavour to food.

  • Onions

Onions are one of those spices that you just can’t do without when preparing a Nigerian meal. They enhance the natural flavour of food and soups.

  • Pepper

A Nigerian meal is not complete without the spicy taste of pepper.

We have different types such as Habanero pepper, Cameroon pepper, chilli powder, black pepper, alligator pepper and so on.

  • Locust beans

Locust beans are made from carob seeds. This pungent fermented salty condiment is an important requirement of traditional stews and soups.

  • Scent leaves

These leaves are used to add special aroma to food and it has medical benefits.

  • Garlic

Garlic can be blended with other ingredients to prepare soups, spices, and marinades.

  • Ginger

Ginger can be used the same way as garlic to make soups, spices and marinades.

Places You Can Buy Nigerian Foods And Seasons Online/Offline in The UK

Where to buy Nigerian Foods Online

The best place to find Nigeria Foods online is on Amazon. There are a lot of other websites where you will be able to buy Nigerian foods.

Nigerian Restaurants in UK

  • Enish Nigerian Restaurant Lewisham

Address: 228 Lewisham High St, Lewisham, London SE13 6JU, United Kingdom

  • Mama Cass Nigerian Restaurant

Address: 160-164 Old Kent Rd, London SE1 5TY, United Kingdom

  • Mama Africa Nigerian Restaurant

Address: 194-196 Burnt Oak Broadway, London HA8 0AS, United Kingdom

  • Presidential Suya Nigerian Restaurant

Address: 25-27 Watford Way, Hendon, London NW4 3JH, United Kingdom

  • Wazobia Nigerian Restaurant

Address: 670-672 Old Kent Rd, London SE15 1JF, United Kingdom

  • Eko Kitchen – African Restaurant

Address: UK, 8 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LF, United Kingdom

  • Lekki Kitchen Nigerian Restaurant

Address: 86 Watling Ave, Burnt Oak, Edgware HA8 0LU, United Kingdom

  • Tummy Kom4ort

Address: 8 Princes Parade, Golders Green Road, London NW11 9PS, United Kingdom