Aldi Super 6 this week

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In my household, we have been passionately looking forward to the Aldi super 6 this week.

Not only this week but every week we eagerly wait for what Aldi is offering in their grocery shoppers favourite Aldi super 6.

We’ve been a huge fan of Aldi since we found them about 7 years ago. Feel free to check out Aldi Super 6 Offer this week through the link below.

You can also stay with me and read about my view on Aldi weekly super 6 offer.


Why I love Aldi Super 6 Offer

Before we found Aldi, we used to only shop at the other bigger supermarkets in the UK. If you are reading this and you are from the UK, you know the other bigger supermarkets I am referring to.

One of the major reasons why we love Aldi is their Aldi Super 6 weekly offer.

Health Eating

Aldi Super 6 which is mainly fruit and veg has really helped us to increase our fruit and veg intake. It has a huge influence in my household healthy eating.

We have been able to use it to encourage our boys to eat more fruit and veg because its cheaper to buy.

Saving money

Thanks to Aldi for this offer which has saved us a lot of money. Aldi normal price is cheaper than the other bigger supermarkets. Their super 6 makes their fruit and veg even more cheaper.

I just love Aldi for saving us money in our grocery budget. Aldi super 6 is almost half of the price of what other large supermarkets sell their fruit and veg. This makes it worth it to shop at Aldi.

Why I love shopping at Aldi

It is a delusion that the big supermarkets are better because you will be able to find absolutely everything you want from them.

When we found Aldi, we realise that they actually have everything we need for our weekly grocery shopping.

We soon found out that what makes the bigger supermarkets big is the fact that they have too many brands or types of one item.

For example, you want washing up liquid. At bigger supermarkets, they might have five types of washing up liquid. While Aldi might have just two types.

Personally, I prefer Aldi because it’s easier for me to choose between two rather than other large supermarkets where you can easily get confused and require big brainpower to make decisions.

At small supermarket like Aldi, you can do your shopping very quickly in some cases when you need to do small shopping. At bigger supermarkets, you have to walk long distance inside the shop if you are looking for few items for quick shopping.

Aldi do regularly have offer of various homes and kitchen items which usually comes at very cheap prices. You could get fitness clothing or accessories at very cheap prices a lot of times.

Sometimes it could be a seasonal product that you get at the right time and for good price.


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