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  • Would you like to achieve financial independence and be free from money worries?
  • Here you can learn how to make more money through side hustles and invest in stock and shares.
  • Learn about my Amazon FBA side hustle and other side hustle ideas.
  • We live in the Cotswolds area, I love writing about the Cotswolds.


28 – October 2020
Why everyone should invest in the stock market
Posted by : abundanceaware
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The stock market has been around for a very long time. The history of the stock market dates back to the 12-century in France. The formal stock market started in Amsterdam in 1611 when stock exchange was established. The worldwide market capitalization of the stock market which was around US$2.5 trillion in 1980 is now […]
23 – October 2020
Ways to Make Money Without Getting A Second Job
Posted by : abundanceaware
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You could want to earn extra money for various reasons. It could be to make ends meet, increased responsibility, or a short or long term goal you set for yourself. However, is it really easy adding a second job to an existing full-time job? To be honest, a lot of people will rather request for […]
04 – October 2020
Perranporth Beach Cornwall: Is it worth visiting
Posted by : abundanceaware
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If you are considering visiting Perranporth Beach in Cornwall, this post will give you some of the information you need to decide if Perranporth Beach is worth visiting or not. Since I arrived in the UK in 2005, I have been privileged to visit a lot of beaches. My concession in that time is that […]
12 – August 2020
Genuine ways to make money online
Posted by : abundanceaware
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There are a lot of genuine ways to make money online if you have the right information. It can be very overwhelming to get started making money online. Especially if the information you are reading is not broken down into a simple way to understand. It is very easy to get confused by lots of […]