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I am a first-generation immigrant in the UK.

My definition of the first-generation immigrant is someone who travels to a different country on their own without being accompanied by a parent. My immigrant background taught me a lot of life lessons and is responsible for my perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

I started asking bigger questions when I turned 40 in 2017. Among the question I asked myself was if money is out of the equation, what will I do with my life? If I have all the money I need and never have to worry about money, what will my day look like?

After a period of pondering and soul searching, I realised that I have the unique skill of teaching. I later discovered that one of the topics I discussed a lot which I have also offered advice to family and friends is money related topics.

I had a light bulb moment that personal finance is a topic that I am comfortable talking about. The subject of money is like a taboo in most culture in terms of talking about it.

Going against the popular opinion and the culture where I was brought up. I decided to start Abundance Aware to educate people that are interested in personal finance and financial literacy.

I am not a guru or an expert. I also believe this journey will help me also to grow and develop.

I have been working in the public sector for over 15 years. Previously I worked in the Local Government and currently work for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

I enjoy playing football and love watching the English Premier League.

I like keeping myself busy with side hustles. One of my side hustle is selling physical products on Amazon and eBay.

My journey as a first-generation immigrant is well documented in my book and you can get yourself a copy here.

The book is available on all Amazon marketplace.

Here are my core values that I hold dear

God – I love the LORD. He is my maker. No one can take His place in my heart. HE is my number one.

Family – I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two handsome boys. I love my family. In my family, we love each other and we all work for our family common good. We are always in each other’s corner.

Serving – I love to SERVE GOD’s other children by being a producer of products and services that people can benefit from. I love the words of the greatest teacher in the history of the world. “The greatest among you will be your servant. Matthew 23:11”

Grit – Perseverance, resilience and thick skin. When I start something I see it to the finishing line. Challenging situations does not overwhelm me.

Experiences – I value spending my money and my resources on experiences rather than material things. The experiences I have together with family and friends will last long in my memories.

Financial independence – The ability to live from the income of my own personal resources is key in my values and my goals. Money does not rule over me. I offer values to the marketplace and I get rewards.

Kindness – At the heart of my belief is kindness. I love to show kindness to anyone I meet no matter their race, gender or status.

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