Is this the largest African Grocery Store in Birmingham, United Kingdom?

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For those seeking the genuine essence of African culinary delights in the heart of Birmingham, look no further than Samis Online. As the largest African grocery store in the area, this establishment boasts an impressive collection of Afro-Caribbean products, providing an authentic taste of Africa to all who visit.

Recently, I had the pleasure of exploring this unique grocery store situated at 82-89 Cecil Street in Newtown, Birmingham B19 3SU. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Samis Online a standout destination for anyone craving authentic African ingredients.

A World of Authenticity: Samis Online’s Vibrant Atmosphere

Upon stepping into Samis Online, I was immediately captivated by the store’s lively ambiance. The shelves and aisles are adorned with a myriad of vibrant products, each exuding the essence of African culture. Samis Online is conveniently located, making it easily accessible for locals and anyone eager to experience authentic African groceries.

A Glimpse of Samis Online’s Offerings

The store is a treasure trove of all things African. It boasts an impressive array of authentic products, from dry goods to fresh produce, meats, fish, spices, and a plethora of vegetables. What truly stood out was the wide range of dry goods sourced directly from Nigeria. From spices tailored for traditional dishes to essential items such as garri, elubo, plantain flour, and diverse rice varieties, the store offers a comprehensive selection that caters to the essence of African cuisine.

The highlight of my visit was discovering the assortment of fresh Nigerian vegetables and produce, flown in multiple times a week via air freight. This dedication to freshness and quality is what sets Samis Online apart.

Embracing Diversity: Serving the Entire African Community

Beyond catering to the Nigerian community, Samis Online embraces the cultural diversity of Africa. Serving a broad spectrum of African nations, including Congolese, Kenyans, Southern Africans, and Zimbabweans, the store provides something for everyone.

Moreover, Samis Online offers an e-commerce platform, allowing customers to order their favorite African foods online. The store ensures next-day delivery throughout the UK, making it convenient for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes.

The Vision and Resilience of Samis Online

While speaking with one of the staff members, I gained insight into the commendable work done by the founders, Olusegun and Oyetola Akande, in building their business. I learned about their vision that extends beyond mere commerce. Their commitment to providing a taste of home to the diaspora has faced challenges, such as fluctuating foreign exchange rates. Yet, they have navigated these hurdles while ensuring consistency in the quality and affordability of their products.

A Must-Visit Grocery Store in Birmingham

In conclusion, Samis Online is a culinary treasure trove that beckons all with its authentic offerings and unwavering commitment to quality. For those eager to explore Samis Online’s impressive collection of African products, visit their website at Samis Online. You can also visit their physical location at 82-89 Cecil Street, Newtown, Birmingham B19 3SU, and reach out via email at

This review is intended not only to share my personal experience but also to highlight and promote the exceptional services and products offered by Samis Online, encouraging others to indulge in the unique flavors this place has to offer.

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