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Law of Attraction and Christianity

Ever since I came across the law of attraction a few years ago, I’ve been thinking about how it relates to Christianity. I have been a Christian all my life. I was born in a Christian home. When I became an adult, I had the option to rethink and decide if I should continue in […]

UK equivalent of Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund

  After reading the Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins, the question that was on my mind was, what is the UK equivalent of the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund? I was desperate to get started with my investing journey and I was very interested in starting with Vanguard US Total Stock Market […]

Facts about Africa (700 Interesting and Random Facts)

As a Black African born in Nigeria, Africa. I have always had a strong interest in things about Africa especially facts about Africa. Africa is the cradle of humanity. There is a lot of archaeological evidence that supports the fact that Africa is the cradle of humanity. The fact that Africa is where all human being […]

Aldi Super 6 this week

In my household, we have been passionately looking forward to the Aldi super 6 this week. Not only this week but every week we eagerly wait for what Aldi is offering in their grocery shoppers favourite Aldi super 6. We’ve been a huge fan of Aldi since we found them about 7 years ago. Feel […]

How to buy a used car online and have it delivered (Cazoo Review)

A few years ago, no one will believe that you can buy a used car online, make payment and get it delivered. It is now becoming a new normal to browse for car online and get it delivered without you going to the car show room to physically see the car before buying it. In […]

How Do Immigrants Become Successful

Putting sentiments aside. There is a growing belief that immigrants tend to make great entrepreneurs and end up being more successful than most locals. Why do immigrants make great entrepreneurs? How do they become successful despite the odds initially stacked against them? Is there an advantage that they have? Several pieces of research have been […]

Why everyone should invest in the stock market

The stock market has been around for a very long time. The history of the stock market dates back to the 12-century in France. The formal stock market started in Amsterdam in 1611 when stock exchange was established. The worldwide market capitalization of the stock market which was around US$2.5 trillion in 1980 is now […]