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If you are an expert in your field, you should probably seek ways to make money off your knowledge and earn something extra. If you are one of these people seeking ways to monetize their knowledge, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to explain how you can make cool money sharing your knowledge and teaching other people that which you know how to do well.

However, before you go ahead and try to monetize your knowledge, make sure you really know this field in depth. You don’t have to be perfect at it, but you have to have a great deal of knowledge on the subject matter to be able to share this knowledge.

Also, make sure you have value to provide to people seeking to learn more in this field. You have to show that you have and you can provide value to them. This way, you will be trusted more when you finally decide to monetize your knowledge.

Test the waters by putting out contents into the world and building an audience. You can start a blog, vlog or podcast. You can create social media pages to showcase your knowledge. Once you have attracted a good number of audiences interested in what you know and who want to learn from you, you can now start to monetize it.

There are endless opportunities to make money based on what you know. Here are some ways you can earn some money with your knowledge.


Writing about what you know on a blog is a great way to earn some money. Create a blog based on your niche, create amazing content that provides a lot of value in this niche, ask questions people might have on the particular topic and break down seemingly complex areas.

Focus on creating high-value content that will help generate traffic to your blog. Note that your focus should be on the quality of your article, and on serving your readers the valuable content they need.

You can advertise on your blog to make some money once your blog starts to generate good traffic. You can advertise via google ads or team up with companies and help them advertise their product for a fee.

However, blogging may not make you a lot of money but can serve as a ladder to something more. For example, building an audience who knows you deliver great value might come in handy when you decide to publish a book. By then, you will have a willing market ready to buy.


You can reach out to magazines and websites in your niche that is willing to pay for your content. First, you must establish yourself as an expert in the field who can provide the type of informative and educative article they are looking for.

Make sure you have samples of your work at hand to establish yourself as an expert. Your blog or social media pages where you talk about your niche might also come in very handy.

Some of these magazines or websites pay a flat rate while some pay by the page view.


Another way you can make money off your knowledge is by publishing a book. Consider sharing what you know in a book and selling it to people who will benefit from the knowledge.

For this to work well, you must be seen as an expert in the field who provides value. This way, people will trust you enough to buy your book. You can establish authority by implementing social media or blogs to share free knowledge. Try to build a solid audience base who will become paying customers when you publish your book.

You can decide to publish the traditional way or self-publish. If your book is the type that will appeal to a lot of people, it is advisable to go the traditional way. Publishing this way has a lot of advantages and is more lucrative.

You earn an advance and royalties which is a set amount of money you will earn regardless of how many copies are sold. The publisher also takes care of all the expenses incurred in publishing the book. In addition to this, you have a professional team to help you to publish the book.

However, it might be a bit hard to get a publisher, especially if your niche won’t attract a wide audience. You might have to resort to self-publishing.

You can also research how to start selling books on platforms like Amazon.


Based on your niche, you can create courses to host on your personal website, this way, all your earnings go to you. However, you need to have a functioning site that drives lots of traffic and people willing to pay for the course.

You can also put up your courses on a popular site like Udemy, where you earn some money when someone buys and pay for the course. However, you might need to pay a token to put up your course on the site.  You can also create a course in collaboration with another company where you can earn an advance and royalties.


Offer one on one coaching to people who need help or tutoring in your niche. You can also offer a group tutorial to people who are looking for help on the subject. It may be virtual, hosted on social media spaces where people pay a token to participate.

It may be real-life coaching as well. There are different media to explore when it comes to coaching, carefully choose one that’s perfect for your niche. These days, people organize masterclasses to share their knowledge in their field with people who need it.

Your services can also be offered to organizations or businesses that could use your expertise.


This can be a lucrative source of income if you go about it the right way. You can be a motivational speaker who gives speeches for handsome pay. You can also organize training and workshops for people who are eager to learn about your field.


There are online surveys and tasks designed for people who are an expert in a particular field. However, this may not pay much but it’s a great way to cash in on your knowledge.


Hosting a paid webinar to share your knowledge is a great way to make some money. You can utilize Skype and Google Hangouts to work with clients, one on one. You can also utilize ClickMeeting to host a live video to teach and share valuable insights to your audience for a token.

Targeting a large audience to teach a paid webinar is very lucrative. If you offer great value, you may be able to get hundreds of people to pay to learn from you via a webinar. Several things can be taught here, ranging from practical classes e.g cooking classes to theoretical classes.


You can earn money as a consultant online. For example, if you sign up on a site like Maven, you get paid to answer questions on your area of expertise.

All you have to do is sign up, select your consulting rate per minute or hour and answer some questions about your niche. The site will find you a gig and match you.


If you love making tutorial videos based on your niche, you can find a way to make some money from it. You can post these videos on a platform like YouTube and learn how to grow them. Once you meet their requirements, you will be able to earn some money from it.


Most times, we underrate how much we know about certain subjects by thinking we don’t know enough. You’d be surprised how many people out there don’t know even half of what you know and will pay to learn from you. Looking for ways to make money off your knowledge is one of the most convenient ways to make extra money.




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