Proven Effective ways to grow your YouTube channel

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There’s no better time to find out how to promote your YouTube channel than now. But why now? YouTube is currently the second most popular site on the web. And in a time when we’re watching videos for up to six hours per day, your channel has a lot of potentials. This is why you should look for effective ways to grow your YouTube channel.

If you want to make an impact on YouTube, use as many promotional techniques as possible. These tricks are great for promoting your YouTube channel and maximizing your viewership.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or want to see your subscriber numbers continue to rise.

Video marketing has been on the rise over the past few years, becoming more popular and accessible for brands.

While popular sites like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as your website, are great places to advertise.

Starting a YouTube channel may be the best place to show off your brand. Individuals spend one billion hours per day watching videos on the YouTube platform.

YouTube is often referred to as the world’s second-largest search engine. With a few tricks and the fundamentals of creating engaging videos, it can help you quickly get your content noticed and increase engagement.

Here are the best tips to effectively grow your YouTube channel.

Effective ways to grow your YouTube channel

  1. Commit to publishing to YouTube multiple times per week

Recent reports have shown that YouTube channels that post more often per week do much better and receive more recommended views.

Unless you’re just starting and trying to build an audience, try publishing a video on YouTube three or more times a week if possible.

A consistent schedule with multiple videos per week can quickly elevate your channel in the algorithm.

This will enable your channel to do well in the algorithm. It will also create a library of content that helps viewers navigate from one video to another. Thus extending your watch time and providing a reason to subscribe.

  1. Build your videos around a single keyword or topic

For the best results, build your video around a single topic or keyword. Marketers that do not know SEO may skip this important step to rank videos. But if you want your videos to rank top, you must include them.

Use a keyword tool, such as, which is specific to YouTube, to find the most searched keywords in the niche you want to target.

It is important to choose your keyword before creating your video content. It will help you gather the best information about that specific topic.

It will also help you keep it in place naturally throughout the video so YouTube understands it when closed captions are added.

Once you’ve chosen a keyword, check out the videos that currently rank for the topic to make sure you’re on the right track in terms of intent.

Also, always optimize your title and description. This will help you generate more search traffic using YouTube SEO.

  1. Develop a sustainable video production workflow

You might produce Oscar-worthy short films and videos. But if each one takes six months to produce, your videos won’t grow your YouTube channel.

So whatever kind of videos you want to make, choose content that you can produce and develop regularly.

Also, consider ways to streamline your production process. This can be setting up a studio, creating an editing template, or hiring assistants or a production team.

  1. Recycle existing top-performing content

Of course, the best way to grow your YouTube channel is to create and distribute great content. Some of your best videos can be made from engaging, valuable, useful, and actionable content that you already have.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people watched 4 billion hours of “how to” videos in just one year. Many people turned to YouTube to find answers and tips during this period.

Problem-solving content for your audience is also a great way to drive traffic.

Perform a content audit to identify the blogs, guides, and other high-performing pieces you have already.

Also, consider how to repurpose them to create relevant and engaging videos. Remember that the most successful YouTube videos are one to five minutes long.

  1. Start each video with an intriguing hook

How you engage viewers will depend on you and your content. When the video is about a project of any kind, show the result first. A stunning result will get people more interested in seeing how it was achieved.

This is a brilliant method for DIY and makeover videos.

Cute Girls Hairstyles, for example, always begin by displaying the final result before explaining how to create a hairstyle.

YouTube DIY video example Stories are another way to pique viewers’ interest, as stories are hardwired into humans.

People will stay for a second to see what happens when your video starts with a story. Plus, personal stories warm the presenter’s heart and can serve as a useful bridge to more complex themes.

Michael from VSauce is an expert at opening his videos with an intriguing story or idea that leads to the subject matter.

You may have noticed YouTubers creating intrigue by starting with a story or something completely off-topic. They will then link it back to the topic.

More so, when you already have a large audience who trusts you, this tactic works best.

  1. Engage with Your Audience

It’s important not to overlook the fact that YouTube is a social media channel, and therefore requires social interaction.

You’re missing out on a trick by simply uploading videos without inviting comments and discussion.

YouTube rewards channels with great engagement. This includes the overall time spent on the channel, watch time, likes and dislikes, and most importantly, comments.

If possible, respond to every comment and encourage users to engage with audio/visual prompts. You can also take the time to visit other channels and engage, whether it’s a similar brand to your own or simply one that you admire.

Don’t always have the habit of waiting for the audience to first take the initiative.

Post questions or comments that can increase engagement. You can ask relevant questions about the content or ask what content they would like to see more of on your channel.

Don’t forget to thank people for sharing on YouTube and other channels. To keep a detailed track of YouTube’s key engagement metrics, consider using a social content distribution and engagement dashboard.


There are several effective ways to grow your YouTube channel, you must develop YouTube content with your viewers and the algorithm in mind.

Another way to grow your YouTube channel is to have a website. It is very important that Youtube content creators have a website.

For viewers, ensure that your thumbnails grab their attention and deliver what you promise. Starting your videos with a strong hook is a great way to start. Editing the content to keep it interesting is also important.

In general, you want to create an experience that keeps viewers watching.

Fortunately, the YouTube algorithm also factors in landing clicks and keeping viewers interested to increase the visibility of your videos and, therefore, your channel.


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