Haven Quay West Caravan Holiday Park Review

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We love Haven holidays in my household mainly because of the cleanliness of their parks. We have been to various Haven holidays parks across the United Kingdom. I thought I should write about our 4 nights experience at Haven Quay West Holiday Park in Wales.


Haven Quay West Holiday Park is located in the southwest of Wales and very close to the seaside town of New Quay. The town is very small with a population of about 1200 people.

The beach

From the Haven Quay West Holiday Park, there are various entrances to the beach. It’s a golden sandy beach which is perfect for a picnic by the seaside.

I personally prefer sandy beaches to pebble beaches. We visited in autumn so we didn’t get into the water because the weather wasn’t favorable. However, we had an amazing time walking on the beach. It was great to experience and feel the sound of the ocean.

The beach is very clean and I absolutely love the neatness of the surroundings.


We stayed in a standard caravan. The caravan is a 2 bed which was good enough for us family of 4. They do have 3 bedroom caravans for bigger families. The main bedroom of our standard has a double bedroom. The second bedroom has 2 single bedrooms.

The site has other caravan sizes like deluxe which has more space than the standard.

If you are wondering what is inside a 2-bed standard caravan you can see this video on my YouTube channel.

YouTube video

Swimming pool

I thought the park is a small holiday park compared to some of the other Haven holiday parks we’ve been to. I remembered vividly haven Devon cliffs is larger than quay west.

The swimming pool for example is small. The swimming pool has some of the common activities around the swimming pool, however, it doesn’t have slides for adults. The only water slide available is for little children.

I must say the pool is good enough for a good relaxing holiday swimming experience.

They have various pool activities which need to be booked separately and paid for and are not included in the stay and play fees of the holiday park.

Grocery for self-catering

There is a mini-market inside the park which has the essentials. The price of items is reasonable but not the cheapest.

There is a Costcutter shop outside the park in the town. It’s about 6min from the park. Not a large shop either but it’s more stocked than the mini-market. Again price is not the cheapest but you will find a bit more stuff there that is not in the mini-market inside the holiday park.

The big supermarket like Aldi, Tesco, etc is too far away.

Eating out

You are not only restricted to cooking and eating in your caravan. There are two places to eat at Haven Quay West Holiday Park. There is Papa Jones pizza on-site obviously for a delicious pizza.

We bought pizza one of the nights and really enjoyed it in our caravan. We bought the pizza at the pizza shop and took it to our caravan.

Papa Jones offers delivery to the caravan if you prefer the convenience of seating in your caravan and let it be delivered to you.

There is a restaurant in the entertainment arena. The restaurant also has a bar. We cooked our food most of the time. We wanted to eat at the restaurant one night but we didn’t book on time.

On arrival at the restaurant, all tables were fully booked so we couldn’t eat at the restaurant. The restaurant is large and has a lot of tables.

Activities & entertainment

There are various activities on-site for both young and adults. Some of these activities are

You will have to pay separately for these activities and if you go during school half-term or any other school holiday, you need to book for the activities on time. The spaces can get filled up quickly.

There is evening entertainment that you might enjoy. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to say much about evening entertainment because our children have never really liked seating watching entertainment at the holiday parks.

They are usually interested in activities like swimming, ball games.


Local areas

You don’t have to restrict yourself to only the holiday park. You can visit the local area. We visited the New Quay Town Center. It’s a very small town but very lively around the harbour.

It’s a seaside town with a harbour. The area around the harbor is very beautiful. You can go on a boat ride and can have the opportunity to spot dolphins.

Final thoughts

Haven Quay West is not the best Haven holiday park we’ve been but I will still recommend it. Haven parks generally are good. They have a good standard of neat environment. The activities are reasonable.

Mobile Internet isn’t great. We all use EE in my household so am not sure if other mobile networks have better internet. You can use the free WiFi but only available at the entertainment arena building. WiFi was not available inside the caravan at the time of writing this.

In summary, the park is a good park to enjoy a good break and escape a bit from the busyness of life in your home and work life.


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