Perranporth Beach Cornwall: Is it worth visiting

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If you are considering visiting Perranporth Beach in Cornwall, this post will give you some of the information you need to decide if Perranporth Beach is worth visiting or not.

Since I arrived in the UK in 2005, I have been privileged to visit a lot of beaches. My concession in that time is that majority of the beaches are reasonably ok.

Perranporth beach is one of the beaches I can confidently say I really enjoyed visiting. We visited the beach in July when the weather was very warm and it was a sunny day which made our experience very enjoyable.

                                                              Perranporth beach

Perranporth beach

The beach is located in Perranporth town which is a seaside resort town on the north coast of Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The town is around 8 miles south-west of Newquay.

Perran beach faces west onto Perran Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The very first thing we noticed was the Perranporth beach popularity for surfing.

As we were walking down to the beach, we saw a lot of people dressed in  wet suits carrying surfing boards. We knew straight away that the beach was popular with surfers. I must admit that neither I nor anyone in my household is into surfing.

Perranporth Beach, Family Day-out

If you are a surfer or would like to learn about surfing, Perranporth beach is a place for you to try out.

Perranporth is a popular family holiday destination for a lot of British families. I really love sandy beaches and Perranporth beach is one of the very best of the sandy beaches of Britain. The beach is very wide. Perran Beach extends northeast of Perranporth town for about 3 km (nearly 2 miles) to Ligger Point.

How long is Perranporth beach?

Perranporth beach is about 2 miles long. It extends northeast of the town to Ligger Point.

Things to Do in Perranporth

Of course, the beach is the major spot to explore but surfing isn’t the only attraction in Perranporth. There are lots of things to do in Perranporth and environment.

During our visit, we had a great time at the beach. There are other places near Perranporth were you can have a nice family time. One of such is the Newquay Zoo which is about 9 miles to Perranporth.



Newquay Zoo

We visited Newquay Zoo and it was a good place to visit. Our boys love animals and that influenced our decision to visit the zoo. From Haven Perran Sands Holiday Park where we stayed to Newquay Zoo is about 20 mins.

We’ve been to a lot of establishments in the UK where wild animals are conserved. Newquay is a reasonable sized zoo. However, it is not as big as zoos like Edingugh or Bristol which we’ve visited in the past.


Newquay Zoo has over 1,000 of the world’s rarest and endangered animals. One unique animal which I remember seeing is Capybara.

As one of the leading tourist attractions in Cornwall, it was not a surprise that the zoo was very busy.

They also have a children play area which our younger son really loved. He enjoyed himself a lot.

We had a great family time at the zoo.

Other places to visit to find exciting things to do in Perranporth are

1. Perranporth to St Agnes Clifftop Walk

2. Perranporth Museum

3. St Piran’s Oratory –  site seeing

4. Black Flag Brewery. – food and drink

5. Ticket to Ride Surf School -BOAT TOURS & WATER SPORTS

6. Perranporth Surf School

7. Reen Manor Riding School

8. The Watering Hole

9. Cornish Lavender

Haven Perran Sands Caravan Holiday Park in Perranporth

Our main reason for travelling down to Perranporth in Cornwall was because of Haven Perran Sands Caravan Holiday Park.

It has been an extraordinary second quarter of the year 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. After the lockdown was eased, we decided to get away from the house to broaden our horizon and get back some much needed life positives.

                                                              Explore Haven Perran Sand

Over the years we’ve been familiar with Haven holiday parks so it was an easy decision to go with Haven. And we chose Cornwall because we’ve never been to Cornwall before.

Perran Sands Holiday Park offers a perfect resting place for families.

Deluxe Caravan, Haven Perran Sand

The holiday park has stunning views of the sea. The beach which is exclusive to the holiday park is perfect for surfing if you love surfing.

You can learn to surf at the Surf School located in the park.

There is also an indoor pool and a hub for various sports and leisure activities.

I really enjoyed a stroll to the beach in the evening during the sunset.

We stayed in one of the Delux Caravan and I must say that it was sparkling clean. I have nothing bad to say about the condition of the caravan.


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