Tayo Aina YouTube Academy: Does it worth it?

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You are absolutely correct to be looking for information about Tayo Aina YouTube Academy. Does it worth it to spend your hard-earned money on the Tayo Aina YouTube training course?

This article will give you all the information you need to decide if the Tayo Aina YouTube course is worth it or not. You will get to know about Tayo Aina’s how to start a successful YouTube Channel in this article.

Tayo Aina is one of the finest YouTubers in Africa. He decided to invest his time to create an online resource which no African Content Creators has ever done. Youtube Academy or course is most common outside Africa.

Tayo Aina’s how to start a successful YouTube business specifically focused on training upcoming African creators. The course is not just for only beginner YouTubers as you will find out as you read on.

It’s a sensible thing for anyone who wants to spend money on any online resource or training programme to find out before making the decision. If I were in your shoes I will check for reviews from someone who already bought the course.

I can tell you categorically that I am one of the students of the Tayo Aina YouTube Academy. This is what gives me the credibility to talk about it.

Who Am I

I run a Youtube channel called I am Afrikan. I originally started the channel to promote my book 700 Facts About Africa.

I started I am Afrikan originally with the name Facts about Africa. When the channel started gaining traction, I decided to change the name to I am Afrikan.

My passion for motherland Africa influenced me to write 700 Facts About Africa.  Creating content to educate people about Africa really excites me.

Tayo Aina

Why did I sign up for Tayo Aina YouTube Course?

My YouTube channel has already been monetized which means I am not a beginner in the YouTube space.

However, there is always the next level top go. I signed up for Tayo Aina’s course because I wanted a step-by-step guide on how to succeed on Youtube.

While I already know some parts of the course, there are a lot I didn’t know which I thought the course will help me to learn and take my youtube channel to the next level

As well, I wanted the opportunity to meet Tayo Aina and other creators. Basically, I want to build my connection and get inspired by other creators in Tayo Aina’s YouTube Community.

A small section of Tayo Aina YouTube Course

The price

The price of the course is affordable in comparison to a lot of YouTube courses you will see in Europe and America.

I think Tayo is passionate about helping upcoming African YouTubers. This is the reason why his price is affordable.

You can sign up to Tayo Aina YouTube Academy by clicking here

Community and Networking

Tayo’s intention for this course is to build a community of African Content Creators. I personally think this is a good move by Tayo.

Content creations can be very lonely. Having the opportunity to connect with other creators in the same journey can help you mentally and psychologically.

As well, it can enhance your productivity because you will be able to learn from other people and you can also contribute to other creators’ learning processes.

There video call where Tayo will have discussions with people who paid for the course. This will be the opportunity to answer questions that students have. Students also have the opportunity to network with Tayo Aina and other students.

This is important because people are in different niches and the course cannot address all the questions the students will have.

The video call will give an opportunity for specifically tailored solutions to problems encountered by people who have already made a step forward to start their Youtube content creation journey.

It is worth mentioning that the video call will not last forever, it is only for a few months. The video calls are for early support which is very important as the foundation.

YouTube video

What I learned from Tayo Aina YouTube Academy

YouTube channel process

There is a lot that is involved in running a successful YouTube channel. I am not a beginner on YouTube but there is a lot I didn’t know which I have been able to know from the Tayo Aina course. The entire course in my opinion is Tayo’s experience of running his channel.

His channel is successful so learning all the strategies he used to take his YouTube channel to the level he is is something I found very useful.

I particularly like the second part where he shared his strategy about how to get sponsors which can help you earn money outside YouTube Adsense. Let’s face the fact, YouTube is a business, and making money is not a bad thing if you run a business.

The entire course is very valuable and provides very useful information that will help shortcut your journey to success on Youtube.

Tayo shared some very important tips on how the title your videos and also how to get your videos ranked on YouTube.

Tayo also had a section of the video where he showcase how he edit his videos. That part is very useful for me.

Meeting Tayo

I have the great privilege of meeting Tayo and this is because of his youtube academy.

Tayo is a very talented man who has been able to achieve everything he has achieved through hardworking and consistency. He is passionate about helping others succeed.

He is kind and learning from him is really a blessing. His attitude

Final Thought

Tayo definitely put a lot of time and effort to create this course. I commend him for the job well done.

The course is surely a beginner-friendly course that will significantly help someone just starting their YouTube content creation journey. Tayo Aina YouTube Academy is also for people who are at their early stage like me that want to grow.

I will not finish this review without writing about a few things that can be done better. Whenever Tayo is thinking about updating this course, it will be useful if he can include some effects he uses in his editing.

These can be added to the editing module of the course.

As well, people interested in drones might want to see more tutorials about drones.

Tayo has a Patreon account. I think some of the above-mentioned additional might also be fit for people who join Tayo’s Patreon. I must say I haven’t joined Tayo’s Patreon so I am not sure what he offers for people who join.

Will I recommend Tayo Aina YouTube Academy and does it worth it?

Definitely, I strongly will recommend Tayo Aina YouTuibe Academy.

I had the great privilege of interviewing Tayo Aina about the future of digital content creation in Africa. We also had some discussions about his YouTube Academy. You can watch the video below.

You can sign up to Tayo Aina YouTube Academy by clicking here


YouTube video

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