Is Malvern a good place to live?

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I remember we had some time to ponder about our decision to move to Malvern before we moved when we did.

Have you been looking for some information about the suitability of Malvern as a good location to live or work? I am happy to share some insights from my personal experience.

We lived in Malvern for a period of 7 years and we absolutely loved it there. We moved away from Malvern for personal reasons and not related to Malvern as a place to live. In fact, we still visit Malvern regularly because we have found it difficult to disconnect ourselves completely from Malvern.

Let me give you some points that will help you make the decision whether to move to Malvern or not.


House price in Malvern is higher than in Worcester City which is the closest main urban settlement to Malvern.

Average house prices change from time to time. You can see the current average house price in Malvern by clicking here.

Malvern is a Victorian spa town located at the foot of the Malvern Hills. The beauty of the Malvern area makes Malvern a sort after location in the Worcestershire area.

Good neighbourhood

Malvern is a small town and most areas of Malvern are nice. The main areas in Malvern are Great Malvern, Malvern Link, West Malvern.

If you want to live very close to the Malvern Hills, West Malvern will be the part of Malvern you should be considering. The areas around the Great Malvern Train Station have some of the big period houses with a lot of characters.

Area to avoid

Every settlement does have areas that are not so good. Such an area in Malvern is Sherrard’s Green.


Malvern is located in Malvern Hills District and Great Malvern town is the largest of the towns and villages in the district. Malvern Hills district is categorised as a rural district and this is one of the factors that make Malvern’s crime rate to be well below Worcestershire and the UK average.

Who doesn’t want to live in a town where the crime rate is very low? I can’t remember witnessing or experiencing any serious crime when we lived there. No settlement can completely be crime-free. Living in a settlement where crime is low is the desire of anyone looking for a place to live.

The Malvern Hills

Malvern town is famous because of the Malvern Hills and Malvern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

AONB is an area where housing development is usually restricted because the landscapes are protected due to their exceptional beauty.

There are a lot of people whose decision to live in Malvern is because of the Malvern Hills. If you love nature and the serenity of the natural environment, you will love Malvern. Personally, I can boldly say I had incredible and unforgettable times around the Malvern Hills. I am a runner, I remember many times running on Malvern Hills. The view from the top of the Malvern hills is amazing and the beauty of the hills cannot only be justified on camera, you just need to see it for yourself.

There were times when I would literarily wake up on Saturday morning around 5 am in the summer, put on my running shoe and run to the hills. There are many posts of entry to the hills, the one close to where we lived was about 10 mins away. I remember hearing the sound of the birds tweeting early in the morning. When you then get to the top, the view that awaits you is glorious.


Malvern Town is a town that will tick most of your boxes. There are various leisure centres strategically located in the town. The most popular one is located at the town centre just behind the District Council building.

The leisure centre boasts a swimming pool and gym. The facilities are of a high standard. My boys used to have swim lessons at the swimming pool and I use their changing room sometimes when I go running during lunchtime from work.

If you are looking for a place to relax in Malvern, you can check out Malvern Spa. Everything you need to have a wonderful relaxation is available at the Malvern Spa.

Their services range from hydrotherapy pool, health club and treatments hotel, restaurant and thermal area (saunas & steams rooms).

One of the popular historic tourist attraction near Malvern is Witley Court. This location is a very good place to have a relaxing time in a historic setting.

Event and entertainments

If you are a lover of nature, you will adore the Three County Showground. There is an annual show that takes place at the 90 acres Three County Showground on Blackmore Park Road in Malvern. It is a national event that host people from across the country. There are various activities for all ages during the one-week event. The highlight and the most popular part of the event are the Flower Show. The annual show is often tagged RHS Malvern Spring Festival because of its affiliate with the Royal Horticultural Society.

There are a lot of other events that are hosted by the Three County Showground throughout the year.

Malvern has a lovely theatre that is very popular in the area. The Theatre is also sometimes called Festival Theatre and has been the centre of art in Worcestershire since 1885. The theatre is known for hosting big productions, shows and films.


The primary schools are good schools and the children are well behaved. We were never at any time worried about our boys’ behaviour in school and they never came back home to complain about being bullied.

Being a small town there are only two comprehensive high schools in the town. These are ‘The Chase School’ and ‘Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy’. Both are very good schools.

There is also a reputable independent school, Malvern College.

Final Thought

Based on my personal experience, Malvern is a great place to live in the UK. And we really enjoyed our time staying there. Being a nature lover, I particularly love the landscape and nature. If the housing price isn’t an issue for you then I would recommend Malvern as one of the best places to live in the UK.



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