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We all love good food, don’t we? Abundance Aware also writes about good food especially foods that give us nutrients our body needs.

As an African, I also write about food local to my continent of Africa and my home country Nigeria.

Food is medicine and we are what we eat. When we eat good food, our body will develop immunity to be able to fight sickness and diseases.

  • Aldi Super 6 this week
    Aldi Super 6 this week

    In my household, we have been passionately looking forward to the Aldi super 6 this week. Not only this week but every week we eagerly wait for what Aldi is offering in their grocery shoppers favourite Aldi super 6. We’ve been a huge fan of Aldi since we found them…

  • Most Popular Nigerian Food
    Most Popular Nigerian Food

    Nigerian foods are some of the best foods in Africa and the world. Most popular Nigerian foods are identified in the post. Nigeria, also known as the Giant of Africa is better known for its economic prowess, music, and footballing ability. But what many people don’t know is a love…