Financial Joy Academy Review: Is it Worth it?

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A friend rang to ask for my thought about joining Financial Joy Academy after she saw my testimony on the Financial Joy Academy website.

She’s just one in the thousands of people awakening to the concept and importance of Financial Independence.

My friend can’t be the only person curious to know if the Financial Joy Academy is really worth joining. Thanks to the reviews it garners every day.

The straight forward answer is that becoming one of the Dream Makers of the Financial Joy Academy is worth it.

If you stay with me for a few minutes, I will discuss the reasons why joining the Financial Joy Academy will benefit you a great deal.

Here’s a little bit of info about me in case you haven’t seen my about page.

I woke up to the realisation of the importance of financial independence when I turned 40 in 2017. This realization prompted me to start selling on Amazon.

Achieving Financial Independence is the dream of many people around the modern world.

Not many people have woken up to the reality that Financial Independence is one of the keys to unluck happiness and stress-free life. I’m glad I woke up to this truth.

Enough about me for now. You can read more about me by clicking here after reading the review about Financial Joy Academy (FJA).

Financial Joy Academy Review — My Observations

I am privileged to be one of the first 100 members of Financial Joy Academy.

So far it’s been a great experience for me and it more than meets my expectation.

The image below is a screenshot from the Financial Joy Academy website. It shows the SIX PILLARS of Financial Joy Academy.

Stay with me as I go through each of these six pillars by sharing my experience.


Personally, I think this is over-delivering. Ken & Mary had created a lot of courses on investing and financial independence before they started the membership community for FJA.

All their investing and Financial Independence courses are now free for all FJA members at no additional cost.

More on Ken & Mary later on in the article in case you are wondering who they are.

All these courses are worth more than a thousand pound or dollar combined.     

I have found these courses to be very useful, especially the ones on Financial Independence. I knew about the concept of financial independence before joining FJA. The courses in FJA gave me a different perspective on financial independence.

The values Ken & Mary offer are extraordinary. Every month they come up with valuable course which benefits members.

There is still a long list of courses in the pipeline that we look forward to.

You can get 15% discount if you sign up to FJA using my referral link by clicking here.


The coaching call takes place fortnightly on Sundays. It’s always nice to see the beautiful faces of Ken, Mary and all the members.

The coaching call is a time for Ken and Mary to answer questions members have. Anyone with a question would have submitted the questions beforehand.

I think the concept is great as it ensures orderliness. It will be a chaotic atmosphere if everyone was asking questions randomly.

The questions can be on any topic related to the scope of the community. So it is related to investing, side hustle and personal development since we are a community of people working towards achieving financial independence.

It is a trusted community where members feel very comfortable asking questions.

The great thing about the coaching call is that the answer to each question does not only benefit the person who asked the question. I have personally benefited from answers to various questions.

Members with an additional question can still ask but that happens towards the end.

Anyone who misses the coaching call can access the recorded version in the member’s area on the FJA website.

I have not missed any of the coaching calls live since inception.


Financial Joy Academy is a community of like-minded people. FJA is now my tribe.

There is a super active private Facebook group which offers a lot of value. Ken and Mary show up regularly to answer questions. I like when Ken & Mary Okoroafor or other members do Facebook live videos. There is always something to learn from these live videos.

I just love the energy and diversity in the FJA community.

There are people from all over the world. We have people from Britain, people in other European countries, African immigrants in the UK and members from Australia.

There are different age groups and a variety of knowledge areas.

I particularly like the fact that this is a community of people who are working creatively to create an additional source of income.

The world has just been through the extraordinary period of worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus. The world economy literally ground to a halt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

There was a lot of negativity and fear in the world. Having a community like FJA helped me focus and work towards my goals.

YouTube video


This is one of the things that separate FJA from a lot of groups out there.

Something Ken Okoroafor have constantly said is that they like people who are committed and accountable.

They are always checking up on members to make sure we are all getting value as a member of the community.

At the time of writing this article, we are about to go through our quarterly progress check.

Accountability, which is a very important part of FJA helps you to stay focused and push towards achieving your goal.

There is also the option of having an accountability partner. Personally, I love the idea of accountability partner.

I think the accountability partner is very useful. I am thinking about making myself available to an accountability partner.

I like the fact that everyone is taking practical steps in generating an additional source of income.

Part of the accountability at FJA is the 5 am club which has been useful for a lot of members.

Early rising is a very useful tool for productivity and creativity. The 5 am club has been popular among members. There have been testimonies from members that waking up at 5 am helps them get a lot of things done.


One of the major reasons why I joined Financial Joy Academy is for networking purposes.

No human being can achieve everything on his own. To be able to achieve your goals in life, you will need the help of others.

I can’t believe we’ve not had a face to face networking event because of the amount of networking done in the community.

The coronavirus pandemic is the reason why we haven’t had a networking event.

It’s a great privilege to be having a conversation with like-minded people.

The main purpose of the community for me is to network with like-minded people and continuously learn about development happening as regards, investing in the stock market, properties, blogging and other ways to generate additional income.


This pillar of FJA provides golden information from experts.

Ken and Mary regularly bring experts for various topics. We’ve had experts on property investing and blogging. There is also a masterclass Ken did with someone who has achieved financial independence.

It is a great privilege to hear from people that have been there and done that. Each masterclass is an opportunity to hear about various strategies and resources that can be used to achieve results.

The masterclass is usually recorded. Ken Okoroafor would interview the expert and we get to ask questions.

We’ve had a live masterclass which was incredibly valuable.

One of the masterclasses that I am looking forward to is the one on self-publishing because I am in the process of writing a book.

Is Financial Joy Academy good value for money?

As you can see in the screenshot below, the cost of joining FJA is £47 per month and £39.16 if you choose to pay per annum.

Personally, that is not a lot of money because of the value I get from the community. In fact, I paid the cheaper annual fee.

For anyone who understands the importance of personal development, the financial cost of FJA is not a lot.

I am always amazed that people ignore their education and instead splurge money on entertainment and lifestyle.

A lot of people spend more money than that on expensive clothes or gadget.

Anyone not growing and developing, especially in the area of money will end up living a life of constant worry.

FJA is a good value for me.

How I found Ken and Mary

This review won’t be complete without writing about Ken and Mary.

Ken and Mary are the creators of Financial Joy Academy. They also run The Humble Penny blog.

The Humble Penny is a personal finance blog which offers valuable contents for helping readers create financial joy.

I first came across Ken Okoroafor in the Daily Mail in September 2018 where an article was written about him and how he paid off his mortgage early.

I was inspired by his story after reading the article. I later listened to him being interviewed on the Financial Independence Europe podcast in November 2018.

Ken Okoroafor has featured in a lot of UK media outlets. Ken is a graduate of Cambridge Business School and he recently featured in their newsletter because of his amazing work in helping families in the area of personal finance.

Ken and Mary recently featured in Times.

After I started my Abundance Aware blog, I thought about starting a Youtube channel alongside the blog. I had gotten used to watching US personal finance YouTube channels. But I wanted one in the UK that can serve as an inspiration.

Ken pop up in my search and I thought wow! I must subscribe to his channel and learn from him.

I have watched almost all the Humble Penny videos on YouTube and it’s been a great inspiration for my Abundance Aware Youtube Channel.

When Ken first spoke about the Financial Joy Academy idea in one of his YouTube videos, I jumped in without hesitation.

I am privileged to be one of the early members of Financial Joy Academy.

Ken and Mary are an amazing couple. The word ‘humble’ in HUMBLE PENNY describes them more than ‘penny’. I like their humility and their approach to helping people.

They focus on helping families. Think about it. Every human originates from family because family is the first institution God created.

We are all one big family of the human race and anyone who wants to achieve financial independence can join Financial Joy Academy.

Ken and Mary have inspired a lot of people, especially the black and minority ethnic group. They have a lot of credibilities, they have a genuine heart and passion for helping people.

You do not have to be a Christian to join FJA because it is a multi-faith community. There is a diversity of faith groups in the community. But as a Christian, I can see it in them that they love the Lord.

The work they do is best described by the word of Jesus, “The greatest among you will be your servant.”

They are serving the Lord by helping others.

They have a mission to inspire 10,000 families to create a life of freedom and Financial Joy.

You can get 15% discount if you sign up to FJA using my referral link by clicking here.

Final Thought

Financial Joy Academy is a place to be if you are working towards creating financial joy and never want to worry about money anymore.

FJA is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a place where you have to work to get results.

What I am getting at FJA and you are sure to get if you join are the resources and information you need to achieve financial joy.

If you desire to achieve financial independence, instead of trying to do it all on your own why not journey with like-minded people?

Learning from people who have done it will also help make your journey smoother.

This is why I am at FJA. I am on the journey to financial independence with like-minded people and I am learning from Ken and Mary who have already achieved Financial Independence.

You can get 15% discount if you sign up to FJA using my referral link by clicking here.

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