Do You Know The Most Powerful Wealth Creation Tool

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Money is the source of all our anxieties, the major reason behind the general heater-skeeter madness in our world. You don’t have to love money, but you will surely need money. But money just like everything that makes up our world also has its do’s and don’ts.

Before anything else, let’s quickly get a misconception out of the way.

Money is a tool and not the root of all evil. It is the human activities that can be classified as evil. Think of it this way, during the trade and batter era, there was no money right? The things closest to money were your goods of exchange. So let me ask you a question. Will people not do anything to acquire the goods to be exchanged? The same goes for money, human actions

Most people are so insecure when it comes to talking about their earnings. They are either too embarrassed or too protective to talk about it. If you ask me for example what my salary is, I will not be comfortable giving you an answer.

If you lend a friend or family member some money, if they refuse to pay you back on time you are likely to feel reluctant to ask for your money from them. It isn’t you, it just the way it is.

Look, we are all generally uncomfortable talking about money. We are bolder to talk about our problems and issues in relation to money but don’t like to talk about ideas and opportunities for creating wealth that can solve some of our problems. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying the money will solve your entire problem but it will solve some of it.

Why then are we all uncomfortable to talk about money?

I think the answer is simple, we have not been brought up to do so. Except let’s say your dad or mom is a debt collector, I don’t believe you’ll ever be so comfortable talking about money. Don’t get me wrong, people brag and argue about money, some even fantasize but when it matters like collecting back a debt, most will shy away from it.

It takes a lot of self-development to overcome this bad habit.

Money is important in the society because it cost money to feed yourself as well as others. It takes money to make and maintain a living.

This is the reason why you need to work towards being financially independent.

See, I am not a millionaire or a billionaire or an expert that knows all about money. I am a work in progress and constantly learning about how money works. I think financial literacy is lacking in society and it is the reason why a lot of people are in debt or even poor.

Listen, people are usually stupid with money. I used to be stupid with money until I understood the psychology of money. Money is a force of its own, if you’re not careful, it’ll drive you. That is the truth.

Let me give you a quick tip.

Do you spend all your income when you get paid? If you do not save and invest at least 10% of your income every month you’re a thief. You are stealing from yourself. My advice to you is to pay yourself first before anyone if you want to become wealthy. This is the first step towards building wealth. Always learn to pay yourself by investing in yourself.

One of the reasons why saving is important is that the money you are saving is a seed that can be planted and will later grow into a tree to yield fruits for you. The seed could be planted in form of a small business venture, or an investment in stocks and shares, bonds, real estate, and so on. Just make sure you plant that seed.

If you come up with an idea or an opportunity surfaces, your savings could serve as initial capital to initiate that idea.

Start saving today, you have your income as a tool. Wake up and use the most powerful tool you have to build wealth.


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