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Abundance Aware is a belief system that focuses on building wealth slowly while living well.

I believe there is an abundance of everything in the world.

The only thing holding us back in creating wealth is the lack of belief that building wealth is possible.

On this website I write about things that can give you the right knowledge to build wealth through earning more money, investing wisely and living well.

I have a number of side hustles that I have been using to generate additional income to my day job.

I write about these side hustles and I believe my writings will help motivate other people to consider starting a side hustle that will help them to build wealth.

To best understand my motivation towards the creation of this blog, I would like to take you on a little journey about myself on the about page.

As well I have a Youtube Channel where I create valuable videos talking about investing, saving and side hustles.

What I talk about

Money & Investing

A question that many must start to ask at a young age is how can I become financially independent? and how can I manage my income to be on the path to financial wellness. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that having a source of income is not enough. How you can make that money work for you to generate even more money should be on everyone’s mind. Read more…

Side Hustles

It is dangerous to rely on just one single source of income. having a side hustle can help you to create an additional income source. At Abundance Aware, I create specific information that will help you to start a side hustle so you can start to generate additional income. Read more…


Life Optimisation skills are very crucial for living a fulfilled life. One of the most important parts of Abundance Aware mindset is the growth mindset. Discussions about how to live well is a fundamental part of Abundance Aware. Read more…


There are a lot of resources we have been privileged to utilise over the years. Rather than keep quiet about theses resources, we prefer to make them available for people that might be interested in these important resources. Read more…