What is Bibury famous for?

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Many people wonder what makes Bibury famous. Perhaps Bibury is famous because its “the most beautiful village in England” according to the 19th-century artist and craftsman William Morris.

Bibury is one of the prominent Cotswold villages in England.

Another reason why Bibury is famous is that its located in the Cotswold.

The thought of visiting Bibury was initiated by a work colleague who her husband and son are fishing enthusiast. It wasn’t until 2 years after my colleague told me about Bibury before I visited with our boys.

We visited in the summer in August.

As we have already visited one of the Cotswold villages Bourton on the Water before I was not entirely surprised to see the Cotswold Stone Houses.

After our visit, I read a bit about Bibury because I love the uniqueness of the village and the history.

The most notable of all the houses in Bibury is the honey-coloured 17th-century stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs.

The history of the cottages dates back to 1380 when it was built as a monastic wool store. It once housed weavers who supplied cloth for fulling at nearby Arlington Mill.

In 1883, George Witts wrote about the discovery of the Bibury Roman villa. Below is extracted from his write up.

“In the year 1880 a Roman villa was accidentally discovered in the parish of Bibury, about six miles northeast of Cirencester. In the discovery were some coins, Roman pottery, remnants of tessellated pavements, etc., were found, but since there hasn’t been an examination, no description of the building can be given.”


We were only able to visit the Bibury Trout Farm and Arlington Row. We later found out there are other attractions in Bibury which include the Saxon Church, the Church of St Mary.

I have to say that the village is very small and the above-mentioned attractions are the major places to see in Bibury. After all, its a village.

Bibury Trout Farm

The Bibury Trout Farm have Fresh Trout available for purchase throughout the year. They also supply whole, filleted or smoked brown or rainbow trout.

The Bibury Trout Farm was founded in 1902 and is one of England’s oldest working trout farms set in the historic village of Bibury, in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds.

It was founded by the famous naturalist Arthur Severn to stock the local rivers and streams with the native Brown Trout.

It covers 15 acres in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Cotswolds. The hatchery which spawns up to 6 million trout ova every year.

Our boys enjoyed the visit and we took part in the ‘Catch Your Own’. These usually take place between March and October.

It was really fun to catch fish fresh from the water. It was our first time catching fish from the water. They provided us with all the basic equipment to catch fish. One of the staffs did a demo of our to use the fishing equipment for us

They also helped us when we needed help while fishing. It was fun and I would recommend it as a family day out.

The Trout Farm has a cafe where you can seat and have a cold or hot drink and snack. They also have ice cream.

As well, they have a small shop where you can buy memorabilia.


Arlington Row Bibury

When you arrive at Arlington Row, you will not be surprised why it’s one of England’s most iconic and photographed places.

You will literarily see a lot of people taking photos around it especially from the elevated part.

Personally, I think the major reason why it’s very popular with tourists is because of its history.

The postcard worthy Arlington Row cottages were constructed in 1380 as a monastic wool store. It has a strong link with Arlington Mill because the cloth produced there was sent to Arlington Mill on the other side of Rack Isle.

The original structures were converted into a row of weavers’ cottages in the 17th century.

The stone construction and the steeply pitched roofs make the cottages unique and famous.


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