How to start selling online with little or no money

Starting an eCommerce online business with no money is possible.

The best way to start an eCommerce business with no money is from things you have in your house.

We are living in the best period in the history of mankind because of the Internet.

This thing called the Internet is the second miracle that happens to a man after the miracle of sleeping and waking up.

The Internet is free for everyone to use. So you can also tap into the power of the Internet for your eCommerce business.

When I started my eCommerce business, I had very little money to start. But actually you can start if you don’t currently have money.

If you don’t have the money you need to have time because you will have to dedicate a lot of time in the business.

Start from your house

Just look around your house, there has to be something that you have not used for a very long time. It might be kids toys or books, or an electronic device like games.

We all buy things that we don’t need some time. This is the time to look for those things you no longer need.

When you’ve been able to find things you no longer need you can then follow the next step.

Sell online

I have been selling physical products on and for over 2 years. I know it can be overwhelming for a lot of people to list products on eBay or Amazon.

eBay is the best place for used items or items that you have not used that have been at home for a long time. It’s not rocket science. If you don’t already have eBay account, you can easily create one.

The Facebook market place is also currently gathering momentum. You can sell stuff on the Facebook market place.

As for Amazon, you can also sell used items on Amazon. It just depends on the type of product it is.

Buy more things to resell

If you have been able to find some items you no longer need from your house to sell. Now you have a bit of money to think creatively and come up with ideas.

As someone who has sold a lot of products online.

Usually, I would advise anyone that want to start eCommerce business to start small.

Once you are able to sell some items, you will gain experience and repeat the process.

You can research on products that can be profitable and are selling well online.

You will then buy those products and sell them on any of the eCommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Pickup free stuff

If you don’t have money to start eCommerce business you need to be creative.

You can pick up free stuff and sell them to earn money. You can use the money you earn as startup capital.

There are a lot of places online and offline where you can pick up free stuff and sell them online.

You just need to be creative. One item that somebody no longer needs can be very useful for another person.

Earning money from eCommerce is just a case of moving a product from where it is no longer needed to a place where it is needed.

Because of the Internet, it is now very easy to find items that other people do not need for free. Below are ideas of places you could try to find free items

Facebook market place

If you go to the Facebook market place, there are a lot of items that some people no longer need.

Some people are willing to give some of those products away free. You can pick up these items and sell them on eBay or even on the Facebook market place.

You just need to continuously search for items in your area that people want to give away for free.

Church sales

I have been to a lot of church sales where I have been able to buy books for very cheap.

If you look around, there are church book sales in a lot of towns.

You can buy books for as cheap as 20p and sell them for up to £50 online depending on the type of book it is.

One trick I use is to go towards the end when they are about to close.

There have been times when they will offer you to buy a big black bin bag for about £2. You can then fill the bag up with as many items the bag can take.

This is a great way to buy various items for as low as 5pence per item.

You can then list these items online and sell them to earn cash.

Car Boot Sales

You might be able to find some items very cheap or even free from car boot sales.

You can use a similar trick as discussed above in church sales. You can go towards the end when they are about to close.

There will be people that just do not want to return home with what they brought to sell.

You might be able to get some of these items for a bargain.

Don’t overlook items that are dirty.

Some of these items have been in someone’s garage for a long time.

A lot of these items only just need a quick cleaning and someone online will be happy to pay you to have them.

My final thought

Getting rich quick is a myth. Any great thing you want to achieve will require a lot of work for it to come to fruition.

If you are ready to be creative and work hard you can definitely start an eCommerce business with little or no money.