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There are a lot of resources I have have found very useful over the years for business and personal use.

These are resources I have personally used which I thought Abundance Aware Readers might find useful.

WEBSITE is hosted by Siteground. If you are looking for a good web hosting, Siteground is one of the best in the business and you will surely not regret using them.

I used a different web hosting company before and my website was just too slow. I decided to move to Siteground and I say the difference immediately in the speed of this website.

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Web Hosting


As you may already know. Abundance Aware have a Youtube channel where I discuss financial education and literacy. You know our theme as Build Wealth Slowly.

All those wonderful videos we have on youtube are usually edited using MovAvi.

The amazing thing about this video editing software is that


  1. It is far cheaper than a lot of the big brand video editing software
  2. It will do most of the things that the well-known brand will do
  3. it contains screen capture, converter and the actual editor

If you are looking for video editing software, you have found a very affordable one in MovAvi.

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