How To Earn Money Through Testing Websites

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If you are looking for ways to make some extra cash by working online, this is the article for you. Through the course of this article, you will learn about how to make extra income through testing websites.

Curious about how it works? What skills do you need to get started? And which companies will pay you for testing websites? Keep reading as I discuss all of these below.

What Is Meant By Website Testing?

Website testing has to do with reviewing the features of a website and giving your feedback. The feedback can be both good and bad but it has to be honest.

The tester’s job is to let the company know what problems and difficulties they faced while using the website. Also, what were the features that made his experience great on the website? Did they notice any bugs?

The reason why this is important is so the company knows what they can improve and what works correctly.

As there is so much competition between online businesses and companies, a user-friendly website goes a long way to outmatch the competition.

When building a website, companies make sure they are getting the best domain, designs, and features for their website by investing time, effort, and money. A website’s user experience goes a long way to show a company’s professionalism.

Most of these websites mostly make more than $30,000 a month, and their income source hugely depends on their customers, so it makes sense that they would spend money on user testing to improve their website.

What Can You Expect From Website Testing?

Earnings from website testing can’t be your main income source but it can surely be a side hustle. You can find platforms that pay you $10 per testing, for a 10-20 minutes session. if you can get more than one, then you can make an upward of $20 a day, which is great.

If you combine this with your office or business work, you can have as much as $200 extra added to your income every month.

How Can You Find Website Testing Jobs?

The first step is to find a platform of choice. After signing up as a tester on the platform, you will get job notifications through email or on the platform’s website whenever new testing gigs are available. As there can be many others looking for this opportunity, you must act first and claim the test before anyone else does.

What Skills And Equipment Are Required To Be A Website Tester?

You need to know about websites to understand the flaws and the satisfactory features of a website. Having a good understanding of English is also important if the sites are in the English language. You should also be good at communicating. You will need to have a good internet connection, a computer or laptop with a web camera, a microphone, and an improved web browser.

What Are Some Websites That Will Pay You To Test Their Sites?

The following are some of the top websites where you can find website testing gigs.


Enroll allows you to test out websites. To get started with Enroll, you need to submit your email address, password, and the preferred device you will be using to test the websites (i.e., laptop, smartphone, or tablet). After signing up, you will get notifications through email whenever new testing is available. There will be different types of tasks regarding testing websites, and you can choose the one you can carry out. Tests on Enroll only last a few minutes. You need to have a PayPal account as Enroll pays through PayPal.


UserBrain have example videos for you which will give you good idea of what you need to do. Their tests are often between 5 to 15mins. You will be paid via PayPal and can request payment once your balance reaches $10 which might require about 4 surveys.


If you are not comfortable talking in front of the camera, turning your video on but are still interested in website testing then Ferception is the place for you. Here you don’t need to record your audio or video; you can take screenshots and answer some of their questions. You can earn as much as $25 in a test lasting 45 minutes. They pay you through PayPal on the last Friday of each month.


Pingpong gives you the opportunity of testing websites from anywhere in the world, and this site is open for everyone. According to them, you can get paid €10- €100 per testing or interview. All you need to get started with this website is a computer with a webcam. PingPong pays every seven days after the testing; the payment methods are Transerwise or PayPal.

Beta Testing

You can receive about 5 invitation to undertake tests per month. Beta Testing do pay within 7 days. You will be required to test unreleased beta versions of various apps,websites and software. Beta Testing pay up to $10 per test.


UserTesting is a popular platform for website testing. They pay you to be natural and honest in reviewing the websites. They work with companies like Facebook, Capital One, Dominos, Walmart, Grammarly, and many other great brands. You can expect to make $10 per testing for every 20 minutes task you complete. You need to have experience in some fields so that companies looking for expertise in those fields can get you the testing opportunity.

Intuit User Research

Intuit User Research pays you to test web products like Intuit’s QuickBooks, Mint, ProSeries, and Lacerte. In a study session of 30 minutes to 1 hour, you are to give feedback on the things you liked and disliked. After the session, you will get $50 Visa Cards Rewards. They conduct most studies through the BlueJeans web conferencing tool. They have opportunities for both online and face-to-face tests.

Testing Time

With just a computer, internet connection, and Skype installed you can make money through Testing Time. You can earn up to €50 per study from this site, which usually takes 30-90 minutes. They pay within 5-10 days through PayPal.

User Conversation

This testing agency regularly features latest and trending startups. User Conversation is a good testing agency to consider because you can get paid within 2 days. For some quick profit this is a good testing agency to sign up to.

How to succeed as a Website Tester

We have now discussed the opportunities available for a website tester and what sites provide these opportunities. You need to know that it’s not always easy. Here are some tips which you can follow to be successful in this field.

  • Give your best in the audition: Most of the companies listed above will require you to take an audition. Normally, you may want this audition session to end quickly and get to the real work. But you should dedicate enough time and effort to this, as this is a factor that qualifies you.


  • Get on multiple sites: There are many website testing platforms available and you should take advantage of that. You should try a couple of them as there may not always be testing available if you sign up for only one website. If you sign up for multiple websites, you will have more opportunities.


  • Act quickly: Always be present on the sites and look for new tests. As soon as a new trial is available and you can take it, accept it fast. There are many testers like you looking for gigs. If you act quickly, you stand a better chance.


  • Give quality work: Don’t think that you will get a testing opportunity, finish it as quickly as possible and start looking for more testings. If you don’t give enough time and effort to your testing sessions, you won’t get more testing works. If you perform well on your actual testings, people will reach out to you to get their website tested.


You can earn a good extra income through testing websites. It would however help if you were reliable, flexible, and net-savvy.

It is important to keep your income expectations real and give your best on interviews and actual testings.


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