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Financial Joy Academy Review: Is it Worth it?

A friend rang to ask for my thought about joining Financial Joy Academy after she saw my testimony on the Financial Joy Academy website. She’s just one in the thousands of people awakening to the concept and importance of Financial Independence. My friend can’t be the only person curious to know if the Financial Joy […]

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What should be considered when planning a household budget?

Anyone who wants to get started with the household budget will likely ask the question, what should be considered when planning a household budget? Budgeting is not something most people find easy to do. It is one of those things that is very simple but not easy. There are a lot of things that need […]

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High paying jobs without a degree

What are the high paying jobs without a degree out there? There is a common consensus that you need a university degree to secure good-paying jobs and live a healthy financial life. But is that the case? Are there no good-paying jobs that don’t require a university degree? The answer is no. There are some […]

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How to find product to sell on Amazon

How to find products to sell on Amazon is one of the most common questions new sellers ask. Not only new sellers ask this question. There are also people who already sell on Amazon who also struggle with finding profitable products to sell on Amazon. I have been selling physical products on Amazon since the […]

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Side Hustle Business Ideas – 101 Side Hustles Ideas

What are the most profitable side hustles you ask?  Before going further to explore side hustle business ideas. Let’s look at the reasons why it is important for everyone to have a business on the side.  Prices of things keep going higher and higher and it becomes very easy for your expenses to outweigh your […]

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Most Popular Nigerian Food

Nigerian foods are some of the best foods in Africa and the world. Most popular Nigerian foods are identified in the post. Nigeria, also known as the Giant of Africa is better known for its economic prowess, music, and footballing ability. But what many people don’t know is a love all Nigerians share; food. We […]

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GoHenry cards: Is GoHenry a good idea?

What do I think about GoHenry cards: Is GoHenry a good idea? One of the biggest headaches of parents is how to teach their children financial literacy or responsibility. It was during my quest to find an answer that I came across GoHenry. I am a big believer of parents teaching their children financial values. […]