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How rising early will help you to be more productive

To be productive is to be active and have a fully functioning mind to combat mental tasks. This means you are able to get important things done, things that are connected to your top-level goal. Staying productive isn’t always easy but you can attain a high productivity level. I have seen people that have a […]

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Money Psychology

Money: the center of our madness as humans, the reason why we run helter-skelter all day long and at times even night. The reason why we must find purpose and work towards making that purpose the best it can be. As humans, whether you agree or not, we are money driven. But this generalized madness […]

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What is money

I have heard this phrase that “money is not everything” a lot. Money is nothing but a medium of exchange. Let me explain. Ideas rule the world, but it is when you turn your ideas into money and you use that money to acquire tangible asset before the money can become valuable. It is true, […]

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Things we have control over

As humans, there are things we have control over. Being in charge is in our nature. We might compromise sometimes but if we all have a choice, we will all be in control. Yet there are a lot of things we do not have control over. Where we were born, the family we were born […]