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Is Cheltenham a good place to live?

If you are considering moving to Cheltenham then you are likely to ask the question, is Cheltenham a good place to live? Cheltenham prides herself in having very good schools, great transport links and being the Centre of the Cotswold. These factors make Cheltenham popular with families and a good place to live. As well, […]

How to live well on small income in UK

Living on a small income is one of the challenges a lot of people face in the UK. The question “how to live well on a small income in the UK” is the question a lot of people ask because of the constantly rising cost of living. If you ask me how to live well […]

What is the quickest way to save money

You must know by now that saving money is an important skill to learn. No matter how much you earn, you will always wallow in debt if you don’t learn to save. So I will be telling you the quickest ways to save money by breaking Parkinson’s Law. Of course, you must have a source […]

How to teach children about money

The first time I thought about ‘how to teach children about money’ was when my first son was about 7 years old. Even though he is now over 10 years old, I still teach him various life lessons including how to manage money for kids. One of the most important principles you can teach your […]

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What is Bibury famous for?

Many people wonder what makes Bibury famous. Perhaps Bibury is famous because its “the most beautiful village in England” according to the 19th-century artist and craftsman William Morris. Bibury is one of the prominent Cotswold villages in England. Another reason why Bibury is famous is that its located in the Cotswold. The thought of visiting […]

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How to start selling online with little or no money

Starting an eCommerce online business with no money is possible. The best way to start an eCommerce business with no money is from things you have in your house. We are living in the best period in the history of mankind because of the Internet. This thing called the Internet is the second miracle that […]

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10 Side Hustle Ideas For You In 2022

Commitments. Responsibilities. Duty. These are some of the reasons why you might be looking for that extra cash. It doesn’t matter how much you earn from your primary job, there will come a time when you will need that extra source of income. In fact, you might have already started contemplating about the side hustle […]