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To best understand my motivation towards the creation of this blog, I would like to take you on a little journey about myself.

About me

I am a first generation immigrant in the UK.

My definition of first generation immigrant is someone who travels to a different country on their own without being accompanied by a parent. My immigrant background taught me a lot of life lessons and is responsible for my perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

I started asking bigger questions when I turned 40 in 2017. Among the question I asked myself was if money is out of the equation, what will I do with my life? If I have all the money I need and never have to worry, what will my day look like?

After a period of pondering and soul searching I realised that I have the unique skill of teaching. I later discovered that one of the topics I discussed about a lot which I have also offered advised to family and friends is money related topics.

I had a light bulb moments that personal finance is a topic that I am comfortable talking about. The subject of money is like a taboo in most culture in terms of talking about it.

Going against the popular opinion and the culture where I was brought up. I decided to start Abundance Aware to educate people that are interested about personal finance and financial literacy.

I am not a guru or expert. I also believe this journey will help me also to grow and develop.

Here are my core values that I hold dear

God – I love the LORD. HE is my maker. No one can take HIS place in our heart. HE is my number one.

Family – I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two handsome boys. I love my family. In my family we love each other and we all work for our family common good. We are always in each other’s corner.

Serving – I love to SERVE GOD’s other children by being a producer of products and services that people can benefit from. I love the words of the greatest teacher in the history of the world. The greatest among you will be your servant.

Grit – Perseverance, resilience and thick skin. When I start something I see it to the finishing line. Challenging situations does not overwhelm me.

Experiences – I value spending my money and my resources on experiences rather than material things. The experiences I have together with family and friends will last long in my memories.

Financial independence – The ability to live from the income of my own personal resources is key in my values and my goals. Money does not rule over me. I offer values to the marketplace and I get rewards.

Kindness – At the heart of my belief is kindness. I love to show kindness to anyone I meet no matter their race, gender or status.



A question that many must start to ask at a young age is how can I become financially independent? and how can I manage my income to be on the path to financial wellness.


Over the years, I’ve come to understand that having a source of income is not enough. How you can make that money work for you to generate even more money should be on everyone’s mind.


There are a lot of resources we have been privileged to utilise over the years. Rather that keep quite about theses resources, we prefer to make them available for people that might be interested in these important resources.


Life Optimisation skills is very crucial for living a fulfilled life. One of the most important part of Abundance Aware mindset is growth mindset. Discussions about how to live well is a fundamental part of Abundance Aware.